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Friday, January 8, 2016

groundhog day

I had a dream that kinda repeated. This one took place in an alternative school. everything was white and futuristic looking. Our job was to be cheerleaders (not literally) and help all the students learn everything they needed to know. they were in online school. This was my second time being here. My knee was hurt, and I couldn't walk very fast (it is in real life right now). The first time, I'd gotten too close to a student and accidentally stopped her progress. She didn't pass and I felt like a huge failure. I knew the others that worked there, two guys who got along well, but kinda excluded me. I knew them the first time I was there, too. I brought weed as a peace offering the first time, and after all the students had left and it was clean up time, I loaded a bowl big enough for three, and handed to one of them, offering the green hit. They walked off with it and left me there. By the time I caught up to them it was all gone and they just kind of answered in grunts like guys who don't care. I think they even broke my piece. Then I woke up. This time, I was less hands on, and was really trying to help everyone. I worked especially hard to make sure that one girl passed (this was like groundhog day) and she did! They all did! So there was a little party, and they all went home. I had brought my vape pen in to share after (or before?) cleanup. This time, I took the first hit, and then handed it to them. They wandered off with it, looking for some sort of apparatus. I couldn't find them anywhere and they were walking so fast I couldn't keep up since my knee was messed up. It was frustrating because at first I could see them walking off, I just couldn't catch them. As I wandered through the hallways looking for them, I passed a lot of people that weren't there the first time I had this dream. I told each of them who I was looking for and what had happened the first time and in this time. And no one seemed even remotely surprised. Nobody really cared either. The most response I got was if we see someone we will know who it was because we will know who it was. One of the guys had super scaly skin, literally like bark from a tree, when he scratched he left little scales everywhere behind him. that's what I had been tracking to follow them. I hadn't thought to the first time I had the dream. When I finally found them, they had completely dismantled it with syringes and other odd looking instruments and extracted its contents, leaving it in pieces, with nothing left for me. Bark man had left little splinters or whatever all over the place and the other guy was just kind of there. This time I got upset about it and confronted them, and neither of them seem to care really. I wasn't mean, I was just like why? But they didn't offer much response they really didn't seem to care. I wasn't mad, though. the guy with scaly skin laid down on a couch to sleep and I watched as he shed his scales in his sleep. I remember wishing he'd shed them more uniformly... I shot out of bed feeling very anxious.

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